Lee Dong Wook Thanks Cho Bo Ah For Thoughtful Gift And Warm Message On Set Of His New Film

On January 12, Lee Dong Wook posted photos of him posing in front of a coffee truck along with the text, “Thank you, Bbo. (feat. Lee Dong Wook user manual). As expected, you know me so well.”

The coffee truck boasts a banner that reads, “Oppa, drink this and gain strength! To all the staff of ‘Single in Seoul,’ please film safely. Hwaiting, I’m cheering you on! From Cho Bo Ah.”

The banner next to the coffee truck also includes a “user manual” about Lee Dong Wook that reads, “Dong Wook oppa might sometimes get irritated, whiny, or say weird things, but it’s all because he’s affectionate and wants to get closer to you. Please don’t be taken aback, and just endure it 10 times. You can become close friends.”

In the comment section, Cho Bo Ah replied, “hehehe.. Hang in there, Mr. Young Ho [Lee Dong Wook’s character]!!!”

Lee Dong Wook and Cho Bo Ah recently starred in tvN’s “Tale of the Nine-Tailed” together. Even after the drama’s conclusion, the cast showcased their close friendship when Lee Dong Wook and Cho Bo Ah sent a coffee truck to the set of Kim Bum‘s upcoming JTBC drama “Law School” (literal title).


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