Alive Vitamin Endorser/Model Cho Bo-Ah congratulates the winner of Purme Foundation best story campaign

Official Alive Vitamin shared an Instagram post today with caption:

Oh! It’s our energetic fairy. πŸ€©πŸ’›

I just want to let our followers know in advance.🀫
Right now, the Purme Foundation is holding a surprise event for the main character of #heartfilledbeststorycampaign
Cho Bo-ah, the fairy of Alive came to personally congratulate them.

Aren’t you curious about what kind of story won?! The full video will be released this February, so please look forward to it.~πŸ’Œ

Pre-disinfection was completed to prevent Covid-19, and thorough quarantine procedures were followed.


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  1. Thanks a lot for keep on updating & translating any news related to Bo-Ah ^^

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